Malmö – Intermodal Terminal

Jernhusen’s nationwide concept for intermodal terminals has already been built in Stockholm Årsta. The new intermodal terminal is situated in Malmö, which is an important hub for the transportation of goods in Sweden and an important link to Europe. Malmö is also a good location for foreign companies who want to transship the units before they move further to Sweden. Furthermore the new intermodal terminal close to the major European highways E6, E20 and E22 and the ferry connection NordöLink, which operates between Malmö and Travemünde in Germany.

Jernhusen invested more than SEK 100 million into the Malmö intermodal terminal, to build a new warehouse, logistics center and offices with a total of around 7,540 sq.m. The building is classified as environmental friendly and optimized for efficient handling of goods. It has 44 docking stations and an external loading dock ramp. The terminal can handle around 65,000 containers per year and due to the new more efficient warehouse located in direct connection to the terminal, the speed of freight management was increased and became more sustainable. Thanks to its central location, the terminal can also be used for city distribution to and from Malmö, which reduces transportation distances and heavy traffic on Skånes as well as on Malmö’s roads. This means less congestion and reduced carbon emissions.



Jernhusen about the intermodal terminal in Malmö (Swedish)

Department: Architecture

Field of Expertise: Industry

Project status: Completed

Building owner: Jernhusen AB

Entrepreneur: In3prenör AB

Building size: 7 540 sq.m.

Construction costs: 103 000 000 SEK

Location: Malmö

Project start: 2013/11

Project end: 2014