Gustavsberg – Logistics Center & Assembly Hall

The project is located in Gustavsberg on the island of Värmdö around 30 km east of Stockholm. Villeroy & Boch invested around SEK 130 million into a new central warehouse and logistic center which was built by NCC Construction Sverige. The building will be used for assembly, quality control of bathroom porcelain and logistics. This marks a new epoch in Gustavsberg’s long history. After around 200 years, the Gustavsbergsfabriken left its original location and moved to an environmental profiled business park in Ekobacken which is right next to Gustavsberg. This enables the commune to develop a new neighborhood on the old fabric plot.

The new building has around 8,500 sq.m. The largest part is used for the warehouse with about 11,000 pallet spaces and logistics. The rest is used for assembly and quality control of toilets and sinks. Its energy consumption is around 58 kWh per sq.m. which is 28% less than the building norm demands.



Villeroy & Boch Gustavsberg AB about the project (Swedish)

Department: Architecture

Field of Expertise: Industry

Project status: Completed

Building owner: Villeroy & Boch Gustavsberg AB

Entrepreneur: NCC Construction Sverige AB

Building size: 8 500 sq.m.

Construction costs: 130 000 000 SEK

Location: Gustavsberg

Project start: 2014/06

Project end: 2015