Parking Garage Campus Solna

The Karolinska campus in Solna is growing and needs to adapt to the increased demand for parking lots. Therefore Akademiska hus is increasing the parking capacity by building a round parking garage located at an outer area of the campus.

The round parking garage is designed by Wingårdhs and has a facade with overlapping glass elements and red bricks. It relates to the surrounding buildings and implements parts of the original design of the campus. The building has 8 stories and is designed as a spiral round building structure which is both interesting and efficient. Cars can drive upwards and park on the left and right side of the driveway. On every floor, cars can turn and drive downwards on the inner driveway. LED light technology creates a safer environment and reduces energy consumption. Furthermore the garage will be equipped with bicycle garages and charging spots for electrical cars.

The project is divided into two phases in which two identical round parking garages, each with a capacity of 540 parking lots will be built next to each other. In this project, Scharc was responsible for the bygghandling and NCC Construction Sverige for the construction.

Department: Architecture

Field of Expertise: Commercial

Project status: Completed

Building owner: Akademiska Hus AB

Entrepreneur: NCC Construction Sverige AB

Location: Solna

Project start: 2015/02

Project end: 2016