Sika – Headquarters

The project started with a design competition in which several construction companies participated. Our design proposal, which we created after NCC Construction Sverige approached us, won the competition. In the following project stage, the design was changed in line with client wishes and demands and was built by NCC Construction Sverige.

The new headquarters and production hall of Sika Sverige is located in Stockholm Spånga and was built for around SEK 57 million. The total area of 4,400 sq.m. is spread over three stories, from which 1,800 sq.m. are used as office space and 2,600 sq.m. for production.

The building was originally designed with 40 workspaces, but was extended to allow even more people to work in the building. Scharc was responsible for the design of the building and the work drawings.

Department: Architecture

Field of Expertise: Commercial

Project status: Completed

Building owner: Sika Sverige AB

Entrepreneur: NCC Construction Sverige AB

Building size: 4 400 sq.m.

Construction costs: 57 000 000 SEK

Location: Stockholm

Project start: 2008

Project end: 2009