Scharc Group

Scharc is a function- and cost-oriented building planning business with time efficient and flexible solutions to realize constructions with excellent designs. The group focuses on new building- and reconstructions mostly located in Sweden and has been working with urban design, housing, sports facilities, commercial and industrial estates. After the founding of Scharc Arkitektur in 2003, the Development and Building Information Technology departments were founded in 2011, which now form the Scharc Group.





Architecture | Scharc Arkitektur AB

Within Scharc Arkitektur we focus on developing cost-efficient and high quality architecture that satisfies our clients demands. Scharc controls the entire project from analysis, through the planning process until the finished construction. All projects are developed with 5D building information models (BIM).

In the last decade, Scharc successfully worked with over 200 different projects which had a wide range from urban design and housing projects, over sports facilities to commercial and industrial estates. But our main focus is on infrastructure projects like SL’s metro depot “Norsborgsdepån”, industrial projects like “Årsta – Kombiterminal” and on schools like the “Brunnsängsskolan” in Södertälje.



From the idea …

  • first sketches

… over the development …

  • all projects are drawn in 3D

… to the completed building.

  • quality, cost and time management


Real Estate Development | Scharc Development AB

Scharc Development works in the field of real estate development and develops projects in Sweden with a focus on the Stockholm metropolitan area. Depending on the demands, Scharc can manage projects or accompany development processes as a service developer. The department offers several services within the development process, beginning with the project initiation over the project evaluation to the project management.

We create a feasibility analysis at an early project stage to evaluate the chances and risks of the project and create the foundation for future decisions. Another important aspect is the site acquisition followed by the building permission, which demands good communication between all project stakeholders. Therefore Scharc strives for ongoing communication between all affected project stakeholders and clear and comprehensible visualized results.

If the feasibility analysis and the profitability calculations are positive and the client decides to realize the project, Scharc can run the project management. The focus of this project stage is on the permanent quality, cost and time management, to realize projects on time and within their project budgets.


Real Estate Development process and range of services

Project initiation

  • First evaluation of project
  • Project description including concept idea, location & calculation

Feasibility analysis

  • Evaluation of project opportunities & threats
  • Market analysis
  • Location studies
  • Analysis of utilization
  • Analysis of competition
  • Risk analytis
  • Calculation of profitability
  • Yield calculation

Project conception

  • Concept development
  • Based on the results of feasibility analysis
  • Building conception

Real estate marketing

  • Communication to the public and end users starting at an early project phase
  • Print marketing
  • Brochures & flyers
  • Construction signs
  • Digital marketing
  • Project websites
  • Social media
  • Visualization of the project with illustrations and videos

Building permit

  • Communication with local authorities
  • Site acquisition
  • Modification of drawings if demanded

Project management

  • Ongoing contact to local authorities and customers
  • Quality control on -site

Building Information Technology | Scharc BIT AB

Scharc Building Information Technology helps the whole Scharc Group to improve its skills in BIM by using the best tools available. Furthermore Scharc programs its own GDL objects for a better application in Archicad. Scharc BIT now even is developing its own information and communication tools.

From the very beginning of the project, we build 3D computer models to work with. This method allows us to visualize the entire project realistically, as well as provide solid calculations for required construction modules and materials. Along with our partners, we deal with energy studies and cost analysis in the early stages of a project. We establish five-dimensional information models (Building Information Model, BIM) including reality-based data and objects. The last step in our evolution is our starting to develop our own communication platform.